Business and Strategic Development

We provide consulting services to help your executive team from concept or prototype to commercially released solutions, scaling both your team and processes to ensure your business is able to support your vision. Whether you're planning your pitch deck for a friends and family round or developing your annual goals, we can help provide critical feedback and ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

Policy Analysis

Policy shapes everything from market drivers to your compliance landscape, but most businesses don't have adequate staffing to monitor, analyze, or determine if the policies they hear about on the news will impact their product pipeline. Let us help your marketing or product team with custom research services and analysis. Separating the hype from helpful is essential to your team successfully developing a policy plan, and we can help.

Grant Writing

Grants are complex proposals that can touch every part of your business, while often exposing your company to new oversight. Many agencies use the proposals directly in developing the final grant contracts, so having a consultant help you develop the proposal strategy can aid your company in optimizing your approach to the project, the application, and the execution of the project.

The Climate Can't Wait

We work with your business to optimize development planning, analyze market trends, provide tailored policy analysis, and help you scale your solutions. Business development looks different in regulated marketplaces, with changing business as usual assumptions, new players, and emerging threats. By providing a fresh perspective we help your team understand and navigate the relevant challenges and opportunities to contribute your climate solutions to a world that needs them.